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Great routes


Thanks to its Mediterranean climate and beautiful mountain and lake landscape, Carinthia is the ideal meeting point for all motorcycle enthusiasts. Whether extended day tours on curvy mountain routes, romantic panoramic roads with breathtaking views, or leisurely rides around the lake, Carinthia offers bikers great routes and so much more: delicious snack stations, first-class restaurants, and cozy inns, where all culinary wishes will be fulfilled. 

And if you want to unwind for a day in between, you can relax on the beach and listen to the splashing of the Wörthersee. You have to recharge your batteries before revving up and enjoying a trip to Slovenia or sipping an espresso in Italy. This too makes Carinthia unique: it is the intersection of Germanic, Slovenian, and Romanic cultures. Within a few kilometers, you can experience a Mediterranean flair and culinary treats in the boundless Alpe-Adria region. The exceptionally good quality of the roads, excellent signposts, little traffic, and quick help in the event of an emergency give motorcyclists a sense of security when exploring Carinthia on motorcycle. 

Das Highlight

The highlight of motorcycle season, which lasts from April to October depending on the weather, is the "European Bike Week", which is organized by premium American motorcycle brand Harley Davidson every year at the beginning of September on the Faaker See and which is attended by up to 70,000 bikers from all over the world. 

Our hotel is the perfect place to stay: you can reach the Faaker See in 20 minutes, and if you want to escape the hustle and bustle or enjoy a day of swimming on the Wörthersee, you have come to the right place. You are also only 5 minutes away from fashionable Velden, where you find the most beautiful motorcycles these days. 

European Bike Week | ©STUDIOHORST/Kärnten Werbung