Alpe Adria

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Carinthia - Friuli - Slovenia: 3 countries, 3 sovereign European cultures. 
This is where the regions meet - culturally, socially, economically and culinary. We are interested in meeting our neighbors, curious about their way of life and culture. A fruitful exchange of experiences and a shared history that goes back a long way promote cooperation in this unique cultural and economic region. Carinthia borders on dreamy Slovenia and spirited Italy. The Carinthians are people with a Mediterranean attitude to life. The Alps-Adriatic cuisine combines refined Alpine down-to-earthness and light southern flavors.


Alpe Adria Trail

The new Alpe-Adria Trail leads around 700 kilometers from the proud Grossglockner through the heart of Carinthia to the turquoise-green Mediterranean. Through the Mölltal valley and over the gentle Nockberge mountains past the magnificent bathing lakes to the Karawanken mountains. Then through the Slovenian Triglav National Park. And in Italy through Friuli's wine-growing regions to Trieste!

Frau wandert auf einem Pfad in einer Wiese