Celtic world

Mystical world of gods

Before Roman times, this place was the center of the southern Alpine region and was characterized by a lively social life. Visitors can experience the pre-Christian world of the gods, the splendor and magnificence and the crafts. Frög answers the question of where we come from. Reconstructed finds prove that the world of yesterday functioned in much the same way as it does today. The burial mounds in the complex are authentic sites and the main attraction of the complex with newly laid out pathways. Mound 120, designed as a show grave, is a highlight of the experience. Mystification points in the extensive complex are not randomly placed, but determined by geomancers. In the arena, the earth is shown as a disk, the world view of the Greek Hecataeus, who lived in 500 BC. Panels and models, together with original finds, recreate the world of that time in the immediate vicinity of the burial ground.


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