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Out and about on 2 wheels


Biking is certainly one of the most beautiful, diverse, and healthiest sports that can be practiced well into old age. That's why we put a lot of effort into making our rental bikes available for your tours.  

Whether taking a leisurely ride around the Wörthersee with a Citybike or branching off into various terrain on a mountain bike, you will always find the right bike in our bike shed.

You can also safely store your own bike in our lockable bike shed. 

Symbolic for the entire state, Carinthia's largest river boasts a bike trail that runs through the state from west to east. The R1 Drau bike trail stretches 366 km from the source of the Drava river in Toblach in South Tyrol into Slovenia's city of Maribor. Of course, you can enjoy this vast route in individual stages, which are ideal for biking with the whole family thanks to very slight gradients. Our hotel is the perfect starting point, because in nearby Rosegg, you will find access to the Drau bike trail.  

Biking - a sweet taste of childhood | ©Tine Steinthaler/Kärnten Werbung

Variety of well-developed bike trails

A multitude of well-developed bike trails offer a variety of tours: the north shore of the Wörthersee offers amazing views of the wonderful villas with their typical Wörthersee architecture and the quiet beauty of the lake. Do you want to conserve your strength? After enjoying refreshments in Klagenfurt, you can simply take the boat back to Velden. Families also like to take the route through the moor landscape in the 4-lake valley of Keutschach.

If you prefer to venture out into hilly, natural terrain, you will certainly get your money's worth: the new biking and hiking maps, which are available at the hotel, will give you an exact overview of the most beautiful bike routes right outside our door. No matter whether you prefer to explore on a traditional MTB and test your endurance in Carinthia's alpine landscape or hit the gas with a racing bike, you have come to the right place! 

Tour suggestions


Exactly the right tour for a sportier and "bike with many gears" experience requiring a bit more stamina because you will need strength to get to Kerschdorf. The wonderful location of the Forstsee will make you forget all the exertion. After a probably long break, you will continue downhill and enjoy a leisurely ride on the north shore of the Wörthersee back to Pörtschach.

Around the Kathreinkogel

On this tour, you can follow in the footsteps of the Romans. After you have reached the Latschach plain and bike along the Drava river, you will have a wonderful view of the Karawanks, St. Jakob, and St. Egyden. In St. Egyden, you can park your bike at Gasthof "Kreuzwirt" and hike up the Kathreinkogel. You can then head back to Velden via Schiefling or you can tackle another "mountain stage" and ride from Gasthof Kreuzwirt to Penken to visit the gorgeous natural jewel, the Penkensee. From Velden, you can head back to Pörtschach.

Carolingian bike trail

A bike tour that is attractive in terms of both landscape and history. This tour leads from Pörtschach to Moosburg, where you will leave the main road at the golf course and bike along traffic-free paths on the edge of the forest to Nasweg. On the path to Kl. St. Veit, you can enjoy the view of the magnificent landscape with the Tigringer See and the Karawanks. Past Schloss Tigring you will come across the first testaments of the Carolingian Empire, which invite you to linger along the road. In Moosburg, you should definitely visit the museum and castle. Past the golf course, you will continue to St. Martin via Pörtschach and Sekull on the state road. You will then bike to Töschling and thus back to the Wörthersee and then to Pörtschach.

Techelsberg/Wörthersee mountain bike route

5 great bike routes in the Carnica region of the Rosental