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"Nobody does it better" – when it comes to the quality and detail of our models, this is what we strive for. What began on a small scale in 1958 has now grown to perfection. Today, we showcase around 150 models of the most beautiful structures from all 5 continents with excellent attention to detail. 

The models, however, only account for part of the success of the MINIMUNDUS concept. On 26,000 m², visitors can also enjoy the park and its special plants and flowers. Six gardeners are busy with professional care of the grounds during the season. It has become increasingly important to us to present the models in such an ambiance that our visitors feel as if they are in the natural surroundings of the buildings. Parts of MINIMUNDUS become a desert landscape or a tropical rainforest. 

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Minimundus in summer | ©Minimundus GmbH